Beach Front Cafe

Enjoy the beautiful view from our deck with a cold drink and some delicious food. Call or check our Facebook for our live music schedule.

Temporary Closing

We will be temporarily closed from 1 July until further notice.

Ken's Beach Front Cafe

60’s style beachfront cafe in Onna-son. Eclectic styling with walls decorated with guitars and a Harley and dune buggy in the cafe!

The Beach Lodge

Free kayaking at the beach lodge above the cafe. Wake up to the sound of the ocean!

You and me by the sea at Ken’s beachfront cafe & lodge

Sit back and enjoy the ocean, great food and the extraordinary sunset at Ken’s.
The interior features a cool 60’s look, barrel seats, menus in real vinyl jackets and records. Walls strewn with an awesome collection of guitars, a Harley and dune buggy add to the decor.
Above the cafe enjoy a quiet restful stay at the Lodge which also offers free kayaking. Fall sleep and wake up to the sound of the waves of the ocean. Enjoy the cool breeze Okinawa island life has to offer! Enjoy our island paradise! YOU AND ME by the sea today!!!

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Beach Front Cafe

Ken’s serves a wide variety of international favorites on our menu. 

Beach Front Lodge

Beautifully located by a natural beach with easy access (15 meters) to the waterfront. A short walk to go snorkling at Maeda Flats and diving at Maeda Point.  We offer free kayaking and some aquatic equipment for your convenience. We’re also within walking distance to Forest Adventure for zip lining. Wake up and fall alseep to the sound of the ocean. Leave your terrace door open and enjoy the cool breeze from the sea! Located above Ken’s Beachfront Café.

About The Lodge

Rooms A-D each themed separately. E and F separate location by the beach. Each room has a separate terrace for you to enjoy the ocean view and the sunset. All rooms are equipped with all the necessary ameninites you need:
1. Free WIFI
2. Hair dryer
3. Shampoo/conditioner/Body Soap
4. Pot/Pan
5. Complimentary coffee and tea for a coupledays.
6. Cmplimentary basketof goodies.
7. Extra towels
8. Hot water kettle
9. Microwave
10. Fridge
11. Sofa Bed/Futon
12. T.V.
13. AC/ Heater

Contact Us




932-2 Maeda, Onna-son

Opening Times:

Lodge Check in 3pm

Check Out 10am

Cafe Hours:

Mon – Sun: 11.00am – 8pm (Closed Tues)

Take Out OK!

Last Order: 7.30pm


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Send us a general enquiry about Ken’s Beach Front Cafe. Please use our AirBnB page HERE for bookings

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